My philosphy on children’s clothes

Do you buy all your children’s clothes new? I don’t. I hate spending money on new baby clothes. I cringe at the thought of spending $20 for an outfit they will wear maybe 5 times and likely ruin/stain the first time they wear it.

About 99% of their clothes are bought at garage sales for $1 or less. I got the above two dresses for Sam at a garage sale last summer for $.50 each! I always find tons of super cute (stain-free) clothes at garage sales for cheap. Then I don’t have to stress about them “ruining” their good outfit. I know that I spent $1 on it so I let them enjoy themselves and don’t worry that they just spilled juice, mud, etc on it. I typically buy a season in advance (so this spring/summer I bought 3T for Chase and 18m – 2T for Samantha) and aim to spend $1 or less on clothes. I always make sure to look for specialty items like life jackets, winter boots, snowpants, etc – things I know they’ll need and are typically pricey to buy when you need them new. This allows me to spend around $50 per child for a year’s worth of clothes! I’m not sure how well this will work as they get older, but for now it’s worked well for us!

What’s your philosophy on children’s clothes? Do you buy new? What’s the best garage sale find you’ve found?

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