Operation New Home: Get the crap out!

Before and after pictures of our upstairs bathroom.

Do you have a lot of clutter? We did! Wow, did we have a lot of clutter. When we sat down and agreed to a list price with our realtor, she said to get as close as possible to that price we had to do some things with our house. We did not know what we were getting ourselves in for. “Some things” turned out to be an extensive list of fixes. We had two weeks and a budget of no more than $5,000. We went all out. We committed 100% to selling our house so we did everything we possibly could to get it sold.

Here’s what all we got done:

  • Kitchen: Installed mosaic tile backsplash, painted, fixed ice maker
  • Dining room: Touched up paint where wall was scuffed up
  • Living room: Installed new ceiling fan with a light
  • Sun room: Installed new light fixture
  • Porch: Painted
  • Upstairs bathroom (aka master + kids+ guest bath): Painted tile, new granite counter, new faucet, new mirror, painted, new hardware on cabinets, painted cabinets
  • Master bedroom: Painted, new light fixtures
  • Kid’s room: New light fixture
  • Basement: Painted walls and floors
  • Basement bathroom: Painted, put down new tile, new pedestal sink, new mirror
  • Misc: Touch up garage paint where peeling, fill crack in garage floor with concrete, new light fixtures in hallways

We also de-cluttered and staged everything. It was A LOT of work. There were many late nights and we wouldn’t have gotten it done if my parents wouldn’t have taken the children so we could work. We even had to rent a storage locker that we packed full of our clutter.

Lessons learned: Don’t wait until you are getting ready to sell your house to do all those little fixes. Do them as they come up so you don’t end up with a huge list like we did. Also, if you are going to try to sell your house – fully commit. Think about what you’d want to see. Remove all the clutter. Our house looked 100 times better once we were done – I wish we would have done the fixes/de-cluttering years ago so we could enjoy it fixed up and clutter free!

So, the hard part was done….or was it? Check back tomorrow for Operation New Home: Juggling 2 kids, 2 dogs, and A LOT of showings.

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