Operation New Home: Juggling 2 kids, 2 dogs, and A LOT of showings

How do you keep a pristine clutter-free house with 2 under 2 and a couple dogs? Magic. Just kidding. You don’t. It’s just not possible. We did the best job we could and didn’t stress about it. I knew that leaving a bottle in the sink wasn’t going to be a deal breaker for people. We did do everything possible though to keep things clean and organized. Every morning the house was prepped for “show” condition. Fortunately, last minute showing requests aren’t common.

We also developed plans for dealing with showings on different days and at different times. Here’s what we did that helped tremendously with dealing with the showings:

  • Our two dogs were brought to dog daycare every day
  • We stayed at my parent’s house the first weekend our house was on the market
  • We had several “plans” for night showings (i.e. bring kids to gym daycare and workout, dinner out to eat, etc)
  • We signed up for BookAShowing’s email and text messaging alert service (BookAShowing was used to book showings for our house by our realtor). So, when an agent requested a showing we were sent a text message and email -before agent event called to see if it was ok. This was super helpful in planning ahead.

Nonetheless, it was stressful. After we had 20+ showings, we would just sit in our truck down the street watching for them to leave so we could get home asap  🙂

Check back Monday for a practice in self control – waiting until your house is sold to look for new homes!

Photo credit: Andres Thor

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