Operation New Home: We sold our house!

After 4 weeks on the market, 25+ showings, and several second showings, we got an offer. If you remember, we listed it for $210,000 which was much less than we put into it. We got an offer of $200,000 plus they wanted us to pay 3% ($6,000) in closing costs. When the offer was presented to us, our realtor told us that the prospective buyer had a back-up house and would not go any higher – that it was her best offer.

It sucked. We were prepared to pay in and lose money selling our house, but deep down you kind of hope you won’t have to. We were just fortunate that the offer was decent. And wow was I glad we didn’t give in on lowering our price. If we had, that offer would have likely been $190,000 and wouldn’t have come up from there.

So, we discussed it and decided to accept the offer. We were ready to move on and felt fortunate we were finally able to. We accepted her offer and now had 45 days to find a new house and be out of our house. Now for the fun part, looking for a new home!

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2 thoughts on “Operation New Home: We sold our house!

  1. Wow! That must have been a crazy ride! Good for you for selling your house for that much money. You can always think of the ‘loss’ as the money that you paid to live there for as long as you did. The memories you’ve invested and such. It may be a little optimistic, but that’s the mood I’m in! Good luck finding a new home!

  2. kristencici says:

    It was! Especially with the kids. I totally agree – while it sucked to lose money, it was worth it to be able to move on from that house. We had some great memories and felt fortunate to get as much for it as we did!

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