Operation New Home: Looking for a new house!

After almost two months of craziness deciding whether to sell, getting our house ready to sell, dealing with the stress of our home being on the market, and battling the pressure to lower our price, we finally sold our home. Which meant we finally could look for new homes!

While it was very exciting to be able to really look, we had a whole new type of pressure. We really wanted this to be our “forever” home. We planned that we wouldn’t move again, and would plan to stay there for the rest of our lives. This meant it was critical that it fit all of our needs and ideally most of our wants.

So, we made a list of all the things we wanted and decided that the house we picked had to have them – no matter what. Our list was:

  • 4 bedrooms
  • 3 bathrooms (we wanted a master bath, kids bath, and guest bath)
  • Within a couple miles of major freeways to avoid lengthy commutes
  • Newer home (we had lived in a 100+ year home, and while I loved the character I didn’t love the structural issues that came along with an older home)
  • Large kitchen
  • Space for a playroom
  • Decent sized yard (around 1/3 acre)
  • 3 car garage

Those were the must have items. We had many other things we wanted (main floor laundry, deck, large master closet, wood floors, full basement, etc) but those were the deal breakers. We also did NOT want a pool. While we love water and enjoy going swimming up at our cabin, we don’t love the upkeep of a pool and I don’t feel comfortable with it having young children.

Now that we had our list, we chose cities. We wanted to move to the East side of the Twin Cities, closer to family but still close to Phil’s work and my businesses. Our first choice was Oakdale by the golf course or Woodbury. We considered Cottage Grove, but our realtor had advised us that property values aren’t as stable there and we didn’t want to deal with losing a lot of value on our home again.

With our must have list and cities whittled down, we were ready to start looking! Check back on Monday for what I learned about the house hunting process.

What’s on your must have list for your next home?

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2 thoughts on “Operation New Home: Looking for a new house!

  1. Multiple bedrooms. Like, four. Maybe five depending on our family size. We went from a one bedroom rental to this two bedroom house, and the girls are sharing a bedroom. It’s okay for now because they’re little, but for our next home it would be nice to split them up and give each their own space. More than one bathroom as well. Other than that? Another fenced yard. 😀

  2. kristencici says:

    The fenced yard is definitely a must have – but my husband is pretty handy and put in our last fence. So, it wasn’t a deal breaker for us because he can just put one in if the house we find doesn’t have one. It was important to me for my children to have their own bedroom, and with my businesses I definitely needed an office space (hence must have = 4 bedroom).

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