Operation New Home: Making an offer

After looking at homes, you need to decide do you want to be move quick and make an offer in case others are interested, or should you take your time and look at a few more houses? It’s a tough call. After reviewing the three homes we liked, we decided that we’d go back and do second showings at the two homes that we had liked (one in our budget and one above our budget at $369k). The golf course home that was $382k was ruled out because the high price, so we weren’t going to do a second visit.

When we went back to the house listed for $369k, we decided to scratch it off our list. Although the home was nice overall, the yard was tiny – and the neighbor the back felt very close with little privacy. So, we moved on to the house in our budget. While it wasn’t perfect, it had a large spacious yard and good bones. We’d have to do minor cosmetic fixes – but we decided we’d go for it. We wrote up an offer – and then the realtor got a call.

The realtor for the home we loved, the one WAY over our new budget ($382k) on the golf course, wanted us to come back for a second look. She said the sellers were eager to sell (they had been relocated) and would entertain any offer. We felt pretty set on the home in our budget, but figured it wouldn’t hurt to take a second look. That was the end of us.

We immediately remembered how much we loved the golf course home. It was perfect. It didn’t have anything we’d need to fix right away, and had everything on our must have list (and most of our wants). We were torn. We figured we had nothing to lose, so we also wrote an offer for the golf course home. We figured it was worth a shot and if they declined (which we knew they would since we offered $340k plus almost $10k in closing costs – over $50k less than they wanted, and $60k less than they had originally listed the home for), that we’d just make our offer on the home in our budget.

What happened? Check back tomorrow to see which one we ended up getting.

Photo Credit: Kurt Haubrich

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2 thoughts on “Operation New Home: Making an offer

  1. Thrilling! A three part saga. πŸ˜€

  2. kristencici says:

    LOL It was pretty exciting for us πŸ™‚

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