30 Days to Becoming an Entrepreneur: Is entrepreneurship for you?

What’s life like as a business owner? Cocktails, golfing, long vacations…right? Wrong. Most small businesses (more than three-quarters) are just individuals doing something. They don’t have employees, they do everything themselves. For the less then one-quarter of businesses that do have employes, most have less than 10 employees (78%). So, it’s somewhat unrealistic to believe that you are going to come up with the next Facebook and be a billionaire traveling the world.

So, before you decide to embark on the path to self-employment you should ask yourself three things:

1) Do I have the drive to make sure I stay on track and am focused?

2) Am I willing to give my all towards this – knowing I might fail?

3) Will I enjoy working for myself, and possibly not working around/with others daily?

Next is 30 Days to Becoming an Entrepreneur: What’s are realistic expectations for self-employment?

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Photo Credit: Fevi Yu

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