30 days to Becoming an Entrepreneur: Tips for building out your space

Just like remodeling your home, building out your space will be costly – and will be impacted by your taste. While it would be nice to put in slate floors in the bathroom and stainless steel appliances in the break room, it isn’t practical.

  • Think long-term. While some things cost more because they look nice, others cost more because they last longer. Aim for durability. While it may save you a couple hundred dollars to use a cheap flooring, you’ll pay for it in the long run when you need to replace the floors after only a couple years of use.
  • Think through a normal day. Don’t just think about what you will be doing in the space, think about how specifically you will be using the space – and test it. For example, take a mop bucket from where you plan to put your mop closet and bring it to where it will be needed. Was it convenient? Messy? Practical? What about an office? Think about if you are going to have one, and if you are, where it should be located. For example, if you plan to work in there while your business is open, you’ll want it very close to the showroom/retail area/check-in desk – or will want a window/doorbell.
  • Plan well. Don’t be in a rush – if possible. Take the time to plan for everything and get plenty of bids. Each contractor you have come in may have a different idea for what would be best. Only by hearing those ideas will you know what is best for you. By being in a rush, you put yourself in the situation to accept the bid that can get it done the fastest – which isn’t always the best (or the most reasonably priced).
  • Bargain shop. You don’t need shiny new everything. A used coffee table for a sitting area, oops paint from home depot, and coupons can all save you money. Treat the money in your business account as if it were your own and be a smart shopper.

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Photo Credit: Toban Black

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