30 days to Becoming an Entrepreneur: Navigating the world of business partnership

Should you have a business partner (or several)? As you start your new business, this will likely be a question you ponder at the beginning. There are many pros and cons to having a business partner and it’s absolutely critical you think beyond the first year. Consider:


  • More manpower. You won’t be the sole person responsible for everything. You’ll be able to work less than you would if you didn’t have a business partner.
  • Less risk. When you start a business with someone, you share the risk. If it fails, it’s not just all on you.
  • More money. You likely won’t have to fork over as much to start your business since the start-up costs will be shared.
  • Skills. Your business partner might bring some special skill set or knowledge that is important for your business – or that you can’t afford.
  • Support. When you are up at 2am working like crazy and feeling like your business is a failure, your business partner will encourage you and sympathize with how you feel.


  • Less money. When your business starts to show a profit you’ll make less. When you have a partner you may not be able to pay yourself as soon as you would without one – and when you do finally pay yourself, you won’t make as much because your partner is getting paid as well.
  • Less power. You are not the sole decision maker. It won’t matter if you feel strongly about something if your partner doesn’t agree.
  • Inequity. In many business partnerships someone does more work than the other person. This often leads to resentment because you are putting in more work, but not getting more money – or a bigger share of the business.

Deciding whether to start a business with a partner should be a long-term decision. I strongly feel that if you can start the business on your own and without a partner, you will be better off in the long-run. I say that from experience. I am friends with my business partner and have known her since high school – but friendships will be tested when owning a business, and for many, many reasons I wish I started them on my own. So, if you can do it solo I strongly encourage you to do that. However, if you simply aren’t going to be able to start a business without a partner – then it might be better to do it, because between having a business with a partner and having no business at all – it’s better to have one.

If you do decide to have a business partner, make sure you 1) Have a partnership agreement that spells out roles, responsibilities, selling the business, percent shares, etc and 2) Check in regularly to make sure equitable division of tasks.

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Photo Credit: Jo Christian Oterhals

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