30 days to Becoming an Entrepreneur: Full post list and wrap-up

Starting a business is an unbelievably rewarding experience that I hope everyone can experience at some point in their lives. Once you start one business, it’s hard to stop. I know I definitely have caught the entrepreneurship bug 🙂 I have many business ideas that I am considering for my next business – two of which are in process. As my plans begin more concrete I’ll post more information (likely later this fall). I hope you have found this series to be helpful in your pursuit for entrepreneurship! Below is the full series post list:

30 Days to Becoming an Entrepreneur Series Introduction

Photo Credit: Markus Eckstein

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3 thoughts on “30 days to Becoming an Entrepreneur: Full post list and wrap-up

  1. Lots of value in this series. Thank you so much for sharing. Couple of quick questions: 1) what was your motivation in doing this series? 2) will you be re-purposing it for something else? 3) was it everything you thought it would be?

  2. kristencici says:

    I hadn’t really thought much of using the series for something else – though it’s not a bad idea. My main purpose was to provide useful blog content for my very new blog. I have immensely enjoyed starting my businesses and am very enthusiastic about others trying to start their own, so I wanted to provide some helpful information for that purpose.

    Yes, the series was what I expected it to be – but was harder to order than I thought. In the beginning I wanted it to be in order, the posts in the order you’d actually do them. But many things happen simultaneously feeding off each other so that was difficult. There also was A LOT that I didn’t cover – but will be discussed in future posts. Thanks for the questions!

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