Big Changes

Wow, July was a busy month. The biggest change for me was I bought my partner’s share of our event business (Deckci) so now I own it all by myself. I’ll discuss the specifics of how that process went down and tips for others later this month. It’s been a little overwhelming juggling everything but I’m finally getting into a groove with things and am looking forward to moving forward with sole control.

We’ve had some excitement on the home front as well. My baby girl, who turned 10 months old two weeks ago, took her first steps last week! It was pretty exciting for us.

Chase has continued to be very picky – but I’m discovering new tricks to get him to eat well. This week I got a great deal on Chobani orange vanilla greek yogurt which Chase refuse to eat. He spit it out crying. So, I pulled out our popsicle maker, poured the yogurt into the molds and froze them. A few hours later we had popsicles – which Chase happily devoured 🙂



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