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Big Changes

Wow, July was a busy month. The biggest change for me was I bought my partner’s share of our event business (Deckci) so now I own it all by myself. I’ll discuss the specifics of how that process went down and tips for others later this month. It’s been a little overwhelming juggling everything but I’m finally getting into a groove with things and am looking forward to moving forward with sole control.

We’ve had some excitement on the home front as well. My baby girl, who turned 10 months old two weeks ago, took her first steps last week! It was pretty exciting for us.

Chase has continued to be very picky – but I’m discovering new tricks to get him to eat well. This week I got a great deal on Chobani orange vanilla greek yogurt which Chase refuse to eat. He spit it out crying. So, I pulled out our popsicle maker, poured the yogurt into the molds and froze them. A few hours later we had popsicles – which Chase happily devoured 🙂



Happy 4th of July!

What does the 4th of July usually entail for you? For my family, we head up to our cabin in the boundary waters on Lake Saganaga. We don’t have internet or cell signal at the cabin, so it tends to be a pretty relaxing and laid back time for us. It’s a great opportunity for us to spend time with my dad, go fishing (and hopefully catch some walleye), and swim. Since I’m constantly on email/internet (literally like 10+hours a day) I’m looking forward to spending time having fun and getting some reading in. What are you doing on this beautiful 4th of July?

My husband driving the boat back to the cabin after fishing

Photo Credit: Eli Christman

Does self-employment + parenthood = chaos?

Is self-employment and parenthood compatible? Maybe not for everyone, but for me it certainly is. When most people hear about my businesses they can’t believe I have a baby and toddler at home. I get a lot of “How do you do it?”, “You must never sleep!” and “You must have a live-in nanny!”

Well, I can tell you it’s not easy but it certainly isn’t very hard. I definitely sleep (at least 7 hours, but usually 8 each night). I don’t have a live-in nanny. I don’t have a nanny at all. My children do go to a Spanish immersion preschool two days per week, but the other 5 days they are home. I can honestly say I get way more time with my kids than parents who work “normal” jobs – and I make at least as much as them.

Self-employment isn’t for everyone – but I can honestly say that starting my businesses were the best career-related decisions I’ve ever made. They have enabled me to create countless relationships with amazing nonprofit workers, be home with my children, and fulfill a life-long dream of working for myself.

Deciding to become an entrepreneur is a difficult and life changing decision, but it can help you achieve your goals and dreams – and give you more time with your family than you thought possible. I strongly believe everyone should give it a try if it’s something you are interested in.

In June I’ll be doing a series on starting a business (30 days to Becoming an Entrepreneur) which will highlight my experiences and provide easy to follow steps to starting your own business.

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My philosphy on children’s clothes

Do you buy all your children’s clothes new? I don’t. I hate spending money on new baby clothes. I cringe at the thought of spending $20 for an outfit they will wear maybe 5 times and likely ruin/stain the first time they wear it.

About 99% of their clothes are bought at garage sales for $1 or less. I got the above two dresses for Sam at a garage sale last summer for $.50 each! I always find tons of super cute (stain-free) clothes at garage sales for cheap. Then I don’t have to stress about them “ruining” their good outfit. I know that I spent $1 on it so I let them enjoy themselves and don’t worry that they just spilled juice, mud, etc on it. I typically buy a season in advance (so this spring/summer I bought 3T for Chase and 18m – 2T for Samantha) and aim to spend $1 or less on clothes. I always make sure to look for specialty items like life jackets, winter boots, snowpants, etc – things I know they’ll need and are typically pricey to buy when you need them new. This allows me to spend around $50 per child for a year’s worth of clothes! I’m not sure how well this will work as they get older, but for now it’s worked well for us!

What’s your philosophy on children’s clothes? Do you buy new? What’s the best garage sale find you’ve found?

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Feeding toddlers. When to give in?

Whenever I hear my son let out this special little excited giggle I know he’s spotted something good. I immediately think to myself, crap, did I leave out my chocolate bar? Once my son has something good in his sights it’s do or die. He either gets it – and will be unbelievably happy, or he doesn’t and will throw a fit. In our house, that means anything that is a treat – or resembling a treat is put away to a place he can’t see or reach.

Everyone slips up though. When I do leave out that goody I’m left with the decision of whether to let him have a taste or not. This sort of decision is something parents have to deal with daily. Should you give in and feed your toddler hot dogs or should you feed him whole wheat chicken and black bean burrito?  If I don’t feed him things he likes, he won’t eat. Like at all. I’ve tried it. He’ll go an entire day and not eat anything. Or, he’ll remove the veggie burger from the bun and eat the bun 🙂 He’s been known to dive in to something, only to quit as soon as he has seen a veggie. I feel guilty if he’s not eating health and I feel guilty if he’s skipping meals. Just leaves me wishing there was some magic trick for getting children not to be so picky!

We definitely “hide” veggies in this household – but the only dishes I can successfully hide veggies in are smoothies and mac and cheese. Any other ideas?

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The joys of nap time

Chase, 7 months

Who doesn’t love nap time? Don’t get me wrong, I love hanging with my kids. But any mom reveres nap time. It’s that time we get to unwind, get things done, or take a nap ourselves! My task for today’s nap time was finally starting this blog.

Now that I can cross that one off this list, now on to the other 1,345,243 tasks I have on it 🙂

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