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The struggle with frugality

Since getting married, my husband and I have been pretty good with our finances. We’ve made a budget, used cash envelopes, and saved as much as we could. Unfortunately, our savings was whittled away with selling our old house and having to pay in, buying our new house, and buying some items for it. This has left me in an uncomfortable place without our large cushion in savings.

This has been all the more incentive to be frugal with our finances. But, we all have our financial weaknesses.

My favorite artist is Michael Birawer. I’ve been a fan for almost 10 years now and love the style of his pieces. We’ve wanted to commission a piece from him for quite some time, but it’s rather pricey. When I saw his Icons of Minnesota collection I was smitten. They are very limited editions (5 of each available) and I really, really wanted to get some. Hence, the battle with frugality. Obviously art is not a need and isn’t important in the grand scheme of things. I weighed the pros and cons in my head and went back and forth on this in discussions with my husband. I knew that if I waited they would sell out and I’d simply lose the opportunity to get one.

So, I guiltily admit I bought them. It was not my greatest moment in frugality. I was able to get $25 off each because I bought four, nonetheless it was still a large purchase that wasn’t in the budget. We did not put them on credit though – we never, ever carry a balance on our credit cards.

While it wasn’t very frugal, I don’t regret my purchase in any way. I love looking up at them in my office and enjoy my collectable art 🙂

I grew up going to this drive-in so this was a must-have for me!

What’s your not-so-frugal splurge?

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